9 Things Maybe You Didn’t Consider Before You Blamed Yourself

Thought Catalog

You couldn’t help it. Thanks to pathological self loathing or slut shaming or victim blaming or all of the above, it was as natural a response as the tears. No matter how many faults you’re freed from the chains of misconstrued self responsibility have kept you in the blame. Maybe if you had just considered….

1. You Can’t Know Everything About Everyone. Perhaps you’d met them or maybe friends vouched for them or the three cups of coffee two dinners and a round of drinks cemented a fleeting level of mutual understanding. Either way, you didn’t know them. You barely know yourself and you’re still learning about best friends and siblings and that questionable weekend your father took away from your mother, so how could you possibly know everything about them? There’s no way you could have foreseen their anger or envisioned their rage or predicted their baseless disregard for…

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