7 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Pay For Women On The First Date

Thought Catalog

Feminism has come a long way, and the fact that it’s been less than a century since women in America got the right to vote seems utterly ludicrous now – as it well should. But to my great surprise, the idea that the man should be the one to pay the bill on the first date seems to stand up well in the face of time. I mean, it’s comfortable having someone shell out their hard-earned money to feed me, but it feels so wrong and outdated! Nevertheless, men and women alike seem to passionately disagree with me whenever I bring this topic up, which is why I decided to put together a list of the seven main reasons why men shouldn’t pay for women on the first date. These are based around a first date scenario set in a restaurant, both because it is a good old cliché and…

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