11 Signs Your Crush Will Never Work Out

Thought Catalog

1. They are not attracted to you. And how do you know this? They have definitely hinted or flat-out told you that you’re not their type. Chances are, this isn’t going to change.

2. You have absolutely nothing in common with them other than the fact you’re both of the same species.

3. You don’t like anything about them apart from the way they look. Nothing wrong with that, apart from you know, actually having to have a conversation with them once in a while.

4. Deep in your heart, you know that they are the shame-crush and you care way too much about what people will think if you pursue him or her.

5. You have polar opposite life goals. You’re certain that you want to travel to and/or live in at least 20 countries. They plan on living in the same city or town for the rest of…

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